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Men's Personal Effects ( specializes in quality knives and value. We sell cheap yet our knives are not cheap knives. We offer tested quality knives for very low prices.

Here are a few guiding comments related to our knives categories.

Our Tactical Combat Knives section is divided into a) Tactical Combat Knives Fixed Blade and Tactical Folding Combat Knives designed for combat. They features a blade of tactical shape and size. There are other types of knives one can use to fight. Bowie Knives fall into that category for they are sort of combination of Hunting and Tactical Knives. In addition you can see all our Survival section as as Combat Survival Knives for that's what they are basically the with addition of a small storage capacity for emergency items such as matches, needles and so forth. Come to think of, the Machetes are being used to hack all kind of things for all kind of purposes, aren't they? And last but not least, all our Boot Knives are Tactical Combat Knives as well.

Our Hunting Knives section is also divided into two main sections; classic fixed blade (the most known type) and the less associated with the Hunting Folding Knives. We took the trouble to carefully select all items there, as the subject is not clearly defined.

All our Folding Knives proper feature a blade of 3' and longer. They are all very sturdy and fit for large variety of field/maintenance purposes. These with blade shorter than 3' we classify as Modern Pocket Knives. Our Traditional Pocket Knives are the one that open using a nail-nick.

We are working very hard to enlarge our Collectible Knives section. It is not easy for a lot of junk is floating around in the market and it's hard to tell sometimes what is what.
You may also have a look at our Fantasy Knives section while you're at. Most of them are unique in their concept. Some of our Neck Knives are of the collectible type too.

Another topic that we try to enhance is the professional type of knives. We are talking mostly about Rescue Knives used primarily by firefighters, paramedics, highway patrol and/or anyone that has rescuing peoples in mind. It is not easy to find reliable items at a good value in that field. We are doing our best. Good Dive Knives are even more problematic and the few that make sense cost a fortune. We carry the one that we can get if and when we can.

Bottom line: is a dynamic, constantly changing and updating store. Visit us from time to time and we will do the best we can for your satisfaction, guaranteed.
Bill & Henrik