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Pro-Tech GODFATHER - 931 Skull Limited Edition - XL Large 9.1" Automatic Knife - 4" Black Blade - ATT00181BPro-Tech TR-4.70 SKULL - Extra-Large 9.25" Automatic Knife - 4" Black Blade - Bruce Shaw Design - ATT0245B
A selection of top-notch large size (8in. and up fully open) Pro-Tech switchblades automatic knives for 15% less, have some prestige.
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Pro-Tech TR-4.59 SKULL - Extra-Large 9.25" Switchblade Automatic Knife - 4" Bead Blasted Blade - Bruce Shaw Design - ATT00019B
A class by themselves
ProTech Knives

Solid Sterling Silver Skull Inlay
Sterling Silver Skull with Lanyard

Automatic Knife

The super sized titanic of Law Enforcement Professionals and Military.

Have a multi-task fast readiness at your disposition with this humongous switchblade; it will be the best outdoor knife that you'll ever have, whether for tactical purposes or to perform the everyday, repeated cutting chores.
  • The Pro-Tech knives SKULL big, really BIG. They are made for heavy-duty, prolonged cutting as well for rapid tactical situations.
  • This Pro Tech knife superb quality material features a hollow ground, double bevel, Satin-Bead Blasted spear blade made of *154-CM.
  • Its handle is made of carved-from-block, aircraft-grade solid-black aluminum.
    The firing button is placed in an very-easy-to-finger-feel cavity and is also absolutely flush with the handle's surface , has a blade-safety-lock; enabling the most efficient and fastest operation of all switchblades automatic knives.
  • The Pro-Tech SKULL automatic knives have a very powerful-fast firing force, seldom achieved with a 4" long blade; that same blade folds effortlessly and smoothly; holding the firing button pressed-down.
  • A slim, yet extremely sturdy, ***'tip-up' pocket-clip (removable) is attached to the Godfather's handle.
  • The knife comes with a Heavy Duty Nylon - Snap Lock w/ Belt Loop & Strap
  • Each and every Pro-Tech knife comes with a warranty to replace or repair manufacturing defects.
  • Pro-Tech will gladly overhaul, clean and adjust it at any time for a small fee to cover the shipping and handling expenses.

The bottom line: A beauty, designed for serious and frequent automatic knife users.

*154-CM steel: American, premium grade steel made for tough heavy-duty applications. It has the best all-around qualities such as great corrosion resistance, blade toughness, edge quality and edge-retention (stays sharp longer for the same amount of work).
*DLC caoting: stands for Diamond Like Caoting,, it's a very tough layer composed mostly of carbon atoms.
***tip-up: the blade's tip points outside ward when the knife is folded and clip-held in the pocket.

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Pro Tech Automatic Knives at a glance:

Pro Tech automatic knives are of the best design and function of any knife on the market today.
  • Each and every of Pro-Tech automatic knives is a blend of the finest materials available.
  • Custom Pro Tech knives are built individually by an artist-craftsman. Each and everyone of Pro Tech custom, limited-edition knives are a showpiece of heirloom quality.
  • Production Pro Tech knives are built by craftsmen in small batches; every single knife undergoes an individual, manual finishing process.
  • Pro Pro Tech knives are built here in the USA.
  • Pro Tech knives is a family own company with 45-year cutlery industry experiences.
  • All Pro Tech knives come with a manufacturer direct Life Time Warranty (you'll find it inside the knife's box, when delivered).
  • Pro Tech knives are maintenance-serviced by the manufacturer for a small ($10 as of October 2009) shipping fee, when not damaged as result of activities that do not have anything to do with what a knife is for.