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Rhode Island - 11-47-42. Weapons other than firearms
  prohibited. (A) No person shall... with intent to use the
  same unlawfully against another, carry or possess a
  dagger, dirk, stiletto, sword-in-cane, bowie knife... nor
  shall any person wear or carry concealed upon his person,
  any of the aforesaid instruments or weapons, or any razor,
  or knife of any description having a blade of more than
  three (3) inches in length measuring from the end of the
  handle where the blade is attached... (B) No person shall
  sell to a person under eighteen (18) years of age, without
  the written authorization of the minor's parent or legal
  guardian, any [of the above]
- 11-47-43. Collectors... exempt from section 11-47-42. The
  provisions of section 11-47-42, so far as they forbid the
  possession of certain instruments or weapons, shall not
  apply to any person who possesses or is making a
  collection of the same as curios, or for educational,
  professional, scientific, or any other lawful purpose,
  without intent to use any such instrument or weapon
- 11-47-48. No person, firm, or corporation shall display in
  a place of business by means of a window display any...
  firearm... or any dagger, dirk, bowie knife, stiletto...
- 11-47-59. No person shall commit or attempt to commit any
  crime of violence while having in his or her possession a
  knife with a blade more than 3 inches long...