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5 Tools to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse


Are we on the brink of a worldwide undead epidemic? No one can say for sure, but while everyone knows the basics of dispatching a zombie, not everyone knows the most ideal tools for doing so! Expert monster hunters agree: it pays to be resourceful, but it's even more invaluable to plan ahead! In the apocalypse, you might only have what's around you when it comes to resources, which is why the best doomsday survivors follow these two rules:

  1. Stock up on the right gear beforehand
  2. Have a thorough understanding of what weapons work well vs the walking dead

Consider this: would you want to have to scrounge to find a brick or lead pipe to defend yourself from the festering teeth and relentless limbs of the dead? Or would you prefer to have a backpack full of the best automatic knives and tools that get the job done? Below you'll find our personal recommendations of weapons to add to your inventory. We've got everything from machetes, to combat knives, darts, and batons that can help ensure your survival. Use them wisely when it comes to exterminating these nightmarish creatures from the Earth!

How will you slay the undead?

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Damascus steel what is the big deal about?
  Aritcle about Damascus steel what is the bid deal

Damascus Steel

Classic steel pattern of a Damascus steel

Damascus steel what is the big deal?

Yeah, what is the deal here, huh? Why pay trough the nose for it? Is it the sharpest? Is it the one that stays sharp the longest? Does it glow in the dark and cast a spell on your mother in law? Whattttttttttt?

Don’t get me wrong, a steel produced via Damascus system, meaning heating, hammering, forging, folding in layers and again heating, forging and so forth, like a gazillion times, produces a very good steel, yes sir, but expensive like hell. Using it in knives is a bit like using a Ferrari to run errands. But it is a legendary thing when it comes to swords.

Who needs it?

You see the Turks, Arabs, Mahometans and a bunch of other guys all over the Mediterranean paradise encountered, from time to time, some gentlemen from Western Europe that came with the purpose of performing a second circumcision or such on them, and those gents wore armors. A hard sword, although being very sharp, might break on an armor, it need to be a bit “elastic”, pliant, supple if you will; but if you add things to make it less breakable, the steel does not keep its edge sharp as it does when there are no pliant additive in it, just carbon.
The legend has it that swords with Damascus steel stay sharp and supple at the same time, something like a sober, muscled ballerina.

Do you need it in your automatic knife?

Your expensive autoatic knife need a steel that can be sharpen to razor sharpness and stays so after reasonable usage and hardship. Does it need to be pliant, supple and so forth? Not really. But it is a free country and knives collectors are basically a bit nuts, if anybody asks me. You can have a hell of a steel like the cm54, not cheap but far from what the Damascus costs and as good. Ok, it kind of cool the pattern of that Damascus thingy, I give you that.

Cheap Damascus steel

Oh yes, I almost forgot, there are steels that look like Damascus but are not. Rule of thumb, if it is from Pakistan then stay away from it, not to mention that most of Pakistani knives manufacturers did not quite not get what the word “finish” means.

Ok, I am done bitching.
Have a good one you all.


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