FIGARO-SD - 9" Frank Beltrame Italian Stiletto Switchblade Automatic Knife - 3.75" Bayonet Blade - Terrazo.Pearlex Handle - ATT00479
FIGARO-SD - 9" Frank Beltrame Italian Stiletto Switchblade Automatic Knife - 3.75" Bayonet Blade - Terrazo.Pearlex Handle - ATT00479

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Italian Stiletto Switchblades
Automatic Knives

The FIGARO series

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Get a fast and effective chilling power presenting one of the more persuading, humongous Italian stiletto switchblades on the market; it carries a message across like only a real stiletto switchblade can.
  • The FIGARO is a classic, one of the best made stiletto switchblades that you’ll find.
  • It is stamped Frank B Italy
  • The Bayonet Blade very slim blade is made of 440C mirror polished steel.
  • The firing system is that of classic Italian switchblade; a large, rounded prominent button and a sliding safety lock.
  • The firing speed is very fast for a blade of this size. The blade fires out with a very characteristic loud double "clack" sound.
  • The handle is rounded, long and made to be hold in tactical stance.
Bottom line: a very good, beautiful switchblade, better than in the movies

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What you should expect from our Italian stiletto switchblade:
  • Any Italian stiletto switchblade, marked as such in our store, is stamped ‘Italy’ and when it’s also marked as ‘Frank Beltrame’ then it’s stamped ‘Frank’.
  • All the above are made in Italy according to our suppliers.
  • All our Italian stiletto material should feature a good, if not excellent quality material and finish, in any case.
  • An Italian stiletto blade should be made of good quality steel; that’s because the Italians are accustomed to use it, also as an-all-purpose knife; it is kind of their national pocketknife.
  • You should be able to fire smoothly and fast our Italian stiletto switchblade.
  • Check the safety locking of its blade when folded.
The Bottom Line: our Italian stiletto knife is a quality knife. You should get what you pay for and more.

Smooth lightning fast opening
Streamlined design
Smooth functioning
Classic elegance

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