Atomic SR-M6 Professional Grade - 8.5" OTF Out the Front Opening Switchblade Automatic Knife - 3.5" Blade - OTF00007
ATOMIC-SR-M6 Professional Grade - 8.5" OTF Out the Front Opening Switchblade Automatic Knife - 3.5" Blade - OTF00007

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Product Code: OTF00007


1 year warranty

Forceful quality
The ATOMIC series
Dual action OTF Automatic Knives
with glass breaker

*OTF = Out The Front
*Dual = the same button fires out and retracts the blade a.k.a pop out - pop back system.

Have a forceful and reliable (as much as OTF knives can be) tactical knife, along with a real all purpose abilities.
  • It fires out very forcefully
  • Retracts in a blink
  • The blade material is not marked, yet it feels like a very good steel.
  • Combines a very sturdy heavy-duty construction with elegant lines.
  • Very comfortable to hold and operate.
  • Has a special screw at the bottom that serves as a glass breaker in emergencies.
  • Comes with a sheath and a clip.
Bottom line, if you see an OTF with a long warranty, then jump on it, it's a very good product as far as OTF's go.

Personal opinion; not being a big fan of OTF knives to begin with, because of lack of reliability for the most of them, I still would take this one, that's if I ever changed my mind about the whole concept. A very good knife.

Things that one should consider regarding any OTF switchblade:
Letís cut to the chase; deterrence and tactical ability are the sole purpose of any Front knives (Out The Front knife). One does not buy such a knife to slice and dice in the kitchen, nor does one purchase an out-of- front opening knife to be used as a regular-all-purpose pocket knife. Therefore, when thinking about walking around with that thing, one should consider the following:
  • All Front knives are dangerous to their users and others. Most of Front knives do not come with a safety device. A toddler will find a way to fire it open, it is just a question of time and opportunity. Do not buy one if you canít keep it-hidden constantly.
  • There are two main Front knives categories: the most common are armed automatically (pop-in pop-out) and a not so common; the armed manually. The first is very convenient; the latter is more powerful.
  • The blade wobbles in most Front knives because of the very nature of that firing system. Smith & Wesson and Shrade came up with a patented lock, that prevents bladeís wobbling almost completely, all the rest wobble, whether a little or substantially; even the prestigious CONCORD wobbles a bit.
  • The out of front is a delicate firing system; misuse the knife and chances are that it will fall apart.
The Bottom Line: Think responsibility and close tactical emergency when purchasing an Out The Front OTF knife. Do not leave it lying around, it is not a letter opener, nor is it an appropriate device to cure oneís nails.

Very good quality material
Solid construction
Reliable firiing system
Glass breaker

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Solid OTF March 26, 2017
Reviewer: Shawn T from Oklahoma  
Sturdy build and action.  Handle coating has a slightly rubbery grip, I like it.

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