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CLANDESTINO.1 - 7.25" Boot Knife Dagger - CMB00050A
CLANDESTINO.1 - 7.25" Boot Knife Dagger - CMB00050A
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If you plan to buy a Boot Knife as a gift and do not know much about boot knives, then here what we can tell you about. 1. As its name indicates Boot Knife is intended to carry inside or on a boot; usually strapped to using a sheath with at least to belts to attach.

2. Boot Knives are basically back-up knives to be used when the main weapon failed for some reason. In fact, the main usefulness of a boot knife comes to play when foes grapple. That’s when you’ll be glad to reach and grab your Boot Dagger or any back up knife that is there. Therefore think contraption more than steel quality, blade length and such when it comes to Boot Knives. A high quality $1000 Boot Knife will do you no good if you can reach it at a critical moment. Think sheath, attachments first, knife’s materials quality second.

3. Don’t get confused but guys tend to call any Small Combat Knife a Boot Knife whether they strap it to the leg or carry it on their belt. Therefore it is important to know the person and more importantly to know how and when does he/she intend to use it.

· Buy a good contraption gear and high quality fixed blade Small Boot Knife for a professional combatant of law enforcement and armed forces.

· Buy a nice looking sheath and small fixed blade for the one that likes to carry that on the belt avoiding the discomfort of a real big combat knife.

· Some just want to hide a knife and do not want to carry it in their pocket. For those we would recommend a Neck Knife or one of those Switchblades with a strong clip that can hold the knife affixed to their boot. Have a look at our collection of Large or Mid Size Switchblade Automatic Knives you will find some that have that kind of clip. As example have a look at our OMG Navigator I and Lonesome Dove I if they are available.

We hope that this article helped you in some way.

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