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HunterI.BLK3 --- 8.25" Large Concealed Switchblade - Dual Action Automatic Knife - 3.5" Blade - ATT00482 Zeno.BLK1S ---- 4.75" Small Switchblade Automatic Knife - 1.87" Blade - ATT00388A
Our Price: $34.99 Free Shipping!

Our Price: $14.99 Free Shipping!

HUNTER.8 - 8.25" Large Concealed Switchblade - Dual Action Automatic Knife - 3.5" Blade - ATT00482 ZENO-3 - 4.75" Small Switchblade Automatic Knife - No Safety - 1.87" Blade - Dark Green Handle - ATT00388A
Tonto.BRN3 ---- 8" Large Switchblade Automatic Knife - 3.5" Blade - ATT00145B TIGRIS.MXD3---- 8" Large Switchblade Automatic Knife - 3.5" Blade - ATT00515A
Our Price: $31.99 Free Shipping!

Our Price: $24.99 Free Shipping!
TONTO.5 - 8" Large Switchblade Automatic Knife - 3.5" Blade - ATT00145B TIGRIS 13 - 8" Large Switchblade Automatic Knife - 3.5" Blade - ATT00515A
Spark.ORG1 ---- 5" Small Switchblade Automatic Knife - E.M.T. Logo - 1.75" Blade - ATT00383B Uzbek- BLK3 8" Large Switchblade Automatic Knife - 3.5" Blade - ATT00186
Our Price: $14.99 Free Shipping!
Our Price: $31.99 Free Shipping!
SPARK.6 - 5" Small Switchblade Automatic Knife - E.M.T. Logo - 1.75" Blade - ATT00383B UZBEK-BK 8" Large Switchblade Automatic Knife


You've just found a great source online for automatic knives, a.k.a switchblades or auto knives.

An automatic knife is opened and deployed by pressing a point to activate a spring which fires out the blade; that point can consist of a button, a lever, or an area of the handle that activates a hidden button.

What kind/types of automatic knives are there?

They come 3 basic forms:

Regular, side opening standard shaped

Stiletto shaped known as Italian switchblade or Italian

OTF (Out The Front) firing, opening

What are they for?
An automatic knife is ideal form of blade-deploying for hand impaired person, arthritis sufferers and in any situation when there is a need to deploy the blade rapidly and/or without having to look at the knife.

Regular side opening automatic knives are excellent pocket knives, the small one (less than 7in) in particular; over that length or over 3oz weight we recommend carrying one in a belt case or on a clip.

The mid-size and large automatic knives (8in and up) although of tactical purposes as principal, also constitute a good all purpose-maintenance tools; it really depends on its blade-shape, the drop-point type would be the best for that matter.

The Stiletto Switchblade is for tactical purposes, it is designed to stab, hence to impress if not to scare the bejesus out of a foe. On the other hand, it is also the most common pocket knife in Italy where you can see guys curing their nails with it openly, all over the places, hence Italian Switchblade as it is mostly known.

The OTF of the pop-out pop-in sort in particular is the most practical knife you can have if you need to close and open it a lot.j For example, when your job includes serial opening of packages. Note that there are some versions where you need to arm, to retract the blade manually. It is designed to activate a relatively stronger spring, for those who need such thing.

Safety-lock yes or not?
There is a need for safety lock with any automatic knife (not OTF) that comes with a prominent firing button, the small one in particular as they tend to open in the pocket due to external pressure of some sort.
However, the safety mechanism can be cumbersome, and rob the user of precious time in tactical situations. Some companies place the firing button in a cavity, making it flush with handle surface making the knife quite safe in most cases. You can find the best form of that sort of cavity placed button in all Pro-Tech knives.

Any automatic firing system is a bit complex one. The good news is that if it goes bad it goes bad in the first few days, and if it holds then it holds for long time. That is why we cover each knife with 35 days (from the day it was shipped) full return for refund or exchange warranty, no questions asked.
The even better news are that brands such as Pro-Tech, Bear & Son and F.Beltrame have never given us any problems over the years that we've carried them.

Service and repairs
Pro-Tech knives can be sent to Pro-Tech for repair as they are guaranteed for life. The can also be sent there to be overhauled for a small fee.
Our customers service is done person to person on the phone or by email. We do not repair knives, nor do we carry parts; we do not know anyone that does, and will be very grateful if someone could tell us.

Sales and location
We are located in Waller TX.
All you see on our website is stored in our premises; there is no drop shipping or third party involvement of any kind. However, we sell exclusively online and do not allow customers to enter our warehouse. coupons
Dear visitor/customer,
  • The market is full of high-end switchblades automatic knives suppliers, distributors, wholesalers; all of them are selling the same stuff more or less. On the other hand one has to work quite hard in order to find suppliers of good quality yet low cost automatic knives in general and Italian switchblades stiletto in particular.
  • It's not easy to offer good quality low-priced automatic knives switchblades, and spring assisted knives. We at spend a lot of time researching and searching for suppliers. You can find, for example, and all over the places Italian stiletto switchblades priced at several hundreds of dollars . You can also find countless web sites that offer fancy spring assisted knives priced close to the sky, same goes for butterfly knives.
  • Most of high-priced knives, and stiletto knives in particular; are sold for their name first and foremost whether their quality is good or not.
  • All this comes to tell you that we are doing our best to offer you good quality knives at the best value possible.

We would really appreciate any comment and/or info you may want to convey.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the following regarding Automatic Knives, Stiletto Knives, Italian Stiletto Switchblades, Butterfly knives a.k.a Balisong in particular and/or all other types of knives as well:
It is your (not our) responsibility to verify and know the laws specific to the state you live in. Some states limit the blade-length of automatic knives that you may carry without a license, other require a permit with no exceptions. Stiletto Knives, whether Italian Stilettos Switchblade or not, require a license to carry in most states. Some states allow the collection of, others do not. We do not know what is required to license or carry Butterfly Knives, but you never know.
Please address your local authorities for more specific information.