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Hidden / Concealed Release Button

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Why is it called double action knife?
That’s because its blade can be opened in 2 ways.
Deploy it as any other regular folding knife by using the stud flipper attached to its blade.
Fire the blade by pressing on a hidden release spot, and it will fire the same as any automatic knife switchblade; a spring will release it open.

What’s so good about a double action knife?
The dual double action knifeaction knife idea is to make believe that this particular knife is nothing but a plain pocketknife, hence not attracting any particular attention from children and others

The Bottom Line:
The double action knife is one of the best ways to own a switchblade while minimizing the chance for an unwanted person to use it as such.

Note: The double action knife is known to law enforcement agents; make no mistake about.

Warning It is your responsibility to be aware of the following regarding Automatic Knives, Stiletto Knives, Italian Stiletto Switchblades, Butterflies knives a.k.a Balisong in particular and/or all other types of knives as well: It is your (not our) responsibility to verify and know the laws specific to the state you live in. Some states limit the blade-length of automatic knives that you may carry without a license, other require a permit with no exceptions. Stiletto Knives, whether Italian Stilettos Switchblade or not, require a license to carry in most states. Some states allow the collection of, others do not. We do not know what is required to license or carry Butterfly Knives, but you never know. Please address your local authorities for more specific information.