Militia -EHX ---- 7.5" Mid-Size Flush Button Switchblade Auto Knife - 3.12" Blade - Silver Handle - ATT00236A
Militia.SLV2 ---- 7.5" Mid-Size Flush Button Switchblade Auto Knife - 3.12" Blade - Silver Handle - ATT00236A

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Product Code: ATT00236A

A serious workhorse

Automatic Switchblade Knife

Auto Knife


Have a serious blade that pops-out with a loud "whack" sound, at the push of a button.
  • The MILITIA-3 is combat designed tactical auto knife with its firing-button placed flush with its handle's surface so as to make it relatively safe to carry without using a safety lock and that might be a critical advantage in a tactical emergency situation. The firing button is also the one to push when folding the blade.
  • Its wide blade shape is a combination of drop-point and spear styles. It gives this auto knife all the ability of a folding-skinning knife along with the speed of a standard tactical auto knife switchblade.
  • The MILITIA-3 is a very serious automatic knife yet lightweight enough to carry comfortably in your pocket. It comes with a slim non-non removable clip.
The bottom line: a strong, sturdy and fast auto knife, a switchblade made to withstand abuse and hard conditions, Feels comfortable when pocket-carried, despite being of a very sturdy construction. You get your full value here.

Buying a mid-size auto knife, things to consider.

The mid-sized auto knife is, in our experience the most versatile in all available sizes. It combines the deterrent ability of a auto knife along with the practical requirements of classics single-bladed pocket/folding knife, and therefore, one should consider the following when thinking about acquiring one:
  • Consider weight. There is a good correlation between the construction-quality of a switchblade auto knife and its weight. Cheap mid-size switchblades are usually light, around 4 ounces. The quality mid-size switchblades go with 6oz and more; they will last you for life but are not really pocket-friendly. One solution would be to buy a mid-size switchblade auto knife with an aluminum-handle from a well-reputed source.
  • A mid-size switchblade of 6oz and more should have a clip. Pay close attention and check the type of clip it has. Some come with a strong clip integrated into its handle’s design, resulting in a completely different layout of that handle sides; in other words, the handle sides are not made the same.
  • 440C steel is a must. A mid-size auto knife is meant to perform all pocketknives functions; deterrence being only a small part of them.
The Bottom Line: a mid-size auto knife is something that you might want to carry with you all the time; expecting it to function smoothly and keep its edge for a reasonable amount of work done. Think a lot of usage, tasks and practicality, before you think tactical, fighting and such.

Fast, smooth flawless deployment Flush-Button release Effective Spear blade (with effective serrated part) Large, comfortable handle Pocket friendly, lightweight Pocket clip

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