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Mid Size
7"-8" full length
Folding Pocket Knives

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Cutie - 7.25" Mid-Size Folding Knife - 3.25" Part Serrated Blade - FLD01003
This category is about folding blade knives. It is the biggest, largest and most versatile knives field of all. We at kind of specialize in the western folding knives type for now but we are also looking to find the best folding knives for their value in all other parts of this vast field. Our main concern is quality versus value and we are doing whatever we can to give you your moneys’ worth whether with the most innovative folding knife or the real traditional pocket/folding knives. We are on constant look out for modern folding knives what the youngster call “cool folding knives” and any innovative folding knives or any other type of knives for that matter.
Clarification: we refer to mid-size folding knives as having blades of 3”-3 ¼” while we consider those with blades longer than that as large folding knives. Blades shorter than 3” are classified here simply as small pocket knives.