Spike.7 - 9.25" Firing out the front - 3.5" Spike - Red Handle - ATT00303
Spike.7 - 9.25" Firing out the front - 3.5" Spike - Red Handle - ATT00303

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The Daddy of mid-prices range of
The Spike
Get yourself one of the most known and used of all Out The Front Spikes, that will send a message when one is needed to be sent.
  • The Spike features a strong penetration ability.
  • It has a fully automatic arming button mechanism, auto out, manual in system.
  • It does not look like a weapon at all when retracted and certainly not as an out the front spike. It looks like a simple pocket pen.
Bottom line: Its the most common among out the front spikes of good material quality and construction.

Things that one should consider regarding any Front knives:

Let’s cut to the chase; deterrence and tactical ability are the sole purpose of any Front knives (Out The Front knife). One does not buy such a knife to slice and dice in the kitchen, nor does one purchase an out-of- front opening knife to be used as a regular-all-purpose pocket knife. Therefore, when thinking about walking around with that thing, one should consider the following:
  • All Front knives are dangerous to their users and others. Most of Front knives do not come with a safety device. A toddler will find a way to fire it open, it is just a question of time and opportunity. Do not buy one if you can’t keep it-hidden constantly.
  • The blade wobbles in most Front knives because of the very nature of that firing system. Smith & Wesson and Shrade came up with a patented lock, that prevents blade’s wobbling almost completely, all the rest wobble, whether a little or substantially; even the prestigious CONCORD wobbles a bit.
  • The out of front is a delicate firing system; misuse the knife and chances are that it will fall apart.
The Bottom Line: Think responsibility and close tactical emergency when purchasing an Out The Front OTF knife. Do not leave it lying around, it is not a letter opener, nor is it an appropriate device to cure one’s nails.
Opens out of front Auto out and manual in Round Spike

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